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Xhtml is one of the markup languages which help the browsers in displaying the web pages. Browsers displays web contents when the contents are built in markup languages. Web designers use photoshop or other design software to convert the ideas and concepts to design. A browser does not recognize the designs. Hence it is necessary to convert the designs into suitable language which is understandable by the browser. Rapid Convert is the place where we convert the web designs to a suitable markup language i.e. PSD to XHTML or PSD to HTML . This conversion is like giving life to the designs. There are different methods of converting the PSD to XHTML, but we practice hand coding methodology to slice the designs to W3C valid XHTML. The coding days had taken a transition from PSD to HTML to PSD to XHTML and soon we’ll have PSD to HTML5. We also do table less coding of XHTML as it makes the code clean and good. The websites designed and coded in table less XHTML format takes less time in loading and ensure proper placement of images. The websites coded in XHTML format also helps in SEO ranking. The other advantage of this conversion is that it ensures that your website is visible in different browser formats.

Key features which just set us apart from other providers:

  • W3C certified XHTML coding:We hand code your documents in W3C Standards with the help of our skilled professionals. Each and every project we execute, we ensure that we develop the work with 100% W3C XHTML/CSS Standards Validation.
  • Cross browser/platform compatible:The XHTML code by our experts will enable your website to enjoy the multiple browser compatible code i.e., by making its full-fledged presence on browsers like Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and more.
  • Pixel perfect design conversion:The final markup we deliver is exact exactly the same as the design provided, across different browsers.
  • Search engine optimized tags to get more traffic:We use SEO semantic coding and make sure that websites are search engine friendly.
  • Hand written codes for fast loading:Our manual coding service is well structured, clean and easy to read. We do not use software or tools to code your pages. This makes the web page lighter and ensures fast loading.
  • Money back guarantee:Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority and we do not believe in making promises, which we cannot fulfill. We guarantee 100 percent dedicated service till time you are not satisfied with the end result. In case we are not able to meet your requirements, we will refund the entire amount.
  • Non Disclosure Agreement:Your copyrights remain yours – we will not re-use/re-sell your professional artwork to anyone. We will never ever contact your clients directly – we value long term work relations.
  • JS Implementation:We can also give you implementations ranging from the standard JavaScript’s to a variety of JS libraries such as JQuery and Mootools..

How it is done…

  • Prepare your graphic files with any common format.
  • Fill out our order form . Select the number of pages and delivery time. Choose add on options if require.
  • Fill in complete details as mentioned in the form . Upload the file in project files options and write up any custom requirements in project notes page.
  • Send payment through PayPal.
  • We check your order and began conversion of psd to xhtml.
  • We test it.
  • Deliver the sources.

At Rapid Convert, our clients receive affordable, high quality and effective xhtml coding with the experience of joyful procedure. Our customers enjoy the highest level of customer support from us. We are always committed to quality standards and we always keep in touch with our clients and simultaneously work on the feedback. We have an experienced team of designers and coders who work with all xhtml projects. You can rest assured that our services will not burn a hole in your pocket. We have plans that suit any size and budgets without compromising your technical needs. Check out our psd to xhtml works and contact us with your requirements.

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It was a pleasure to work with the Rapid Convert team. I was specially impressed with their communication and great attention to detail

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