Guidelines for converting PSD into HTML Email Newsletters and Templates

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HTML Email newsletters had become a crucial component in email marketing. Email marketing is very economical and flourishing online marketing technique. It can bring great revenues to any organization. Impressive HTML Email is going to bring a better conversion rate than what plain email format. Important thing in email marketing is delivering the HTML email properly. It’s not a simple task of attaching HTML file along with images to an email and sends it. When recipient opens its, there is greater chance that images are broken and recipient may ignore it and possible may put the mail in trash. Hence it is important that HTML emails are properly designed and properly coded so that they have excellent appearance at recipient point. Design and development of HTML emails are very crucial and no mistakes are permitted.
Following guidelines will help in converting PSD to HTML Email Newsletters/templates:

  • First thing to be kept in mind is the design of the email. The width of the email design should not exceed six hundred pixels. This will help you in seeing the total width of the email in preview form.
  • The best practice in HTML Email development is to give all measurements in pixels. It will be easier for the web browser to display the images in exact position if pixel dimensions are specified correctly and exactly.
  • Keep your use of graphics minimal. Many email clients now do not show you images as the default state, so your design must still read well without images.
  • In most of the email clients, the images are not displayed by default which does not leave good impression in mind of recipient. Such emails would require that recipient should add the email address so that images can be displayed properly. In such cases, use the anchor links that will help the recipient in navigating to significant portions in your email. Make use of the alt attribute with the image tag in you HTML code so that in case if the image is not available it will display some alternate text. The advantage of having the alternate text is that if your web mail client does not load the images in that case based upon the alternate text message the user will be able to decide whether he should load the image or not. Therefore, make sure that the text in your alt attribute notifies perfectly what the readers will see on the image if loaded.
  • Make use of inline CSS along with tables to control presentation, such as background colors and fonts.
  • In order to grab the attention of the recipients, use catchy headlines and once they notice the headlines they will be more eager to read more and notice your HTML emails. The recipients may ignore if they their attentions is not captured by catchy titles.
  • Always code the HTML email manually and avoid using any HTML editors for this. The reason of not using HTML editors is that they may put additional codes to your message and it may result in different appearance in different email clients. Make sure that you write clean codes.
  • The best practice for uploading images is to upload the images to your website and provide a link to them from your email rather than uploading images from your disk. The advantage of this practice is that it will display the images correctly. If you are uploading the image from disk it will show as attachments. Uploading through website will also reduce the email message size.
  • Avoid the use of background colors or images in the HTML Email as most of the webmail clients do not display them
  • Make use of div tag instead of p tag as p tag does not function properly in email applications.

We hope this piece of writing will be useful for designers and email marketers for effective HTML email development. Following these guidelines will help you in getting perfect emails which will appear as your recipient want it to be.

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