How to monitor your website’s performance effectively?

Starting an online business is an easy task. Today, with the revolutionary progress of the Internet technology, it has become imperative for business entrepreneurs to make their business presence felt online. Moreover, Internet has turned into an exciting hub of multiple income sources and this is why more and more people are coming forward to start an online business, in recent times. With the availability of simple and effective web designing tools, creating a website is now a cakewalk. However, promoting your website effectively is the most important task. Without a good search engine optimization strategy, all your online efforts would produce little results. It is also important to monitor your website’s performance effectively. This is where you need a good content management system like WordPress. If you are using PSD applications, it is a good idea to opt for PSD to WordPress slicing so that you can effectively monitor your search engine optimization strategy results.

How to promote your website online?

Creating a good SEO strategy and implementing it in an effective way is the key to success of any online business. There are several ways to promote your website online. First of all, it is important to take care of the on-page optimization of the site. This can be achieved by creating an awesome theme and posting unique and useful content. Make sure that the website offers a rich user experience for your visitors. Secondly, off-page optimization is even more important. You need to build quality backlinks to your website. Submit your website to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc. and internet directories like DMOZ. In addition, post articles on high quality content sites with a link back to your site. Blog commenting is another important and effective way to receive a quality backlink.

How to monitor your website’s performance effectively?

Most internet marketers are good at creating good SEO campaigns and implementing them. However, the majority of online entrepreneurs ignores the importance of monitoring their website’s performance and often fails to achieve desired results. To monitor the performance of your SEO campaigns, it is important to build your website with a powerful content management system like WordPress. Creating your website using WordPress or converting your existing website from PSD to WordPress has an enormous impact on the SEO rankings of the website. WordPress is a nice application which contains thousands of plugins to perform every kind of online task. For instance, the All-in-one SEO plugin enables you to optimize your content with relevant tags, titles and meta descriptions.

With wordpress, there are several SEO benefits. You can create XML site maps with the click of a button. Gone are the days when you need to code everything. Today, with the advancement in the Internet technology, everything is available as a plugin and you simply install the plugin and activate it to enjoy the benefits. Creating an XML sitemap plugin enables search engines to crawl your website effectively. This is another reason why people are opting for PSD to WordPress slicing.

While there are several plugins to monitor your website’s performance, the most popular one, Google Analytics, can be easily setup for your website. You need to paste a little piece of code given by Google and your task is done. Google Analytics gives you a detailed report on traffic trends and visitor’s browsing information. You can check the page views per category or author, demographic analysis and other stuff. Another important benefit is that you can check which keywords are doing well and which sites are driving more traffic. It is very essential to check this data as you can modify your SEO campaigns based on this data.

While analyzing traffic trends enables you to create optimized SEO campaigns, information on crawl errors, 404 and redirect errors allows you to resolve coding errors on the site. Crawl errors or 404 ‘page not found’ messages, definitely decrease the ranking of your website within quick time. Google Analytics and Web master tools enable you to rectify these issues and optimize the site to a greater extent. With such amazing benefits available in WordPress, there is little doubt why web masters should not use WordPress or convert their existing websites from PSD to WordPress.

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