Top 3 reasons to convert a PSD to WordPress

In today’s rapidly advancing technology, it has become imperative for small and medium businesses to keep an eye on the changes happening around. WordPress is one such development which has taken the internet world by storm. WordPress started off as a simple blogging platform. However, with amazing features and innovative plugins, it has soon become the heartthrob of every web designer. WordPress is free to download, easy to install and user friendly in nature.  Business owners who have added this developing technology into their business strategies have already achieved great success. Others are not behind either. Today, the majority of small and medium businesses are in the process of converting their PSD files to WordPress themes. Here are the top 3 reasons to convert a PSD to WordPress file.

Powerful content management system for easy customization
A PSD is basically a photoshop file saved with a .psd extension. Adobe Photoshop offers an amazing platform for designers to create awesome designs for websites. However, most of these websites are static in nature. It is not easy for the end user to change the theme or edit images on the website. Moreover, these PSD files are larger in size and consume more disc space while making it difficult for uploading and downloading.

WordPress is the most powerful and dynamic blogging platform, in recent times. You can upload images and edit them with ease. There are thousands of plugins available with WordPress to perform every task you need. You name the task and WordPress offers a plugin to do that task. PSD files are not very web page friendly and make it difficult for web designers to handle them on the web pages. With a PSD to WordPress conversion, you can overcome these issues in style. You can easily change the theme of the website, make changes to the images and customize the headers and other design stuff. Cross browsing compatibility is another aspect which enhances the value of a PSD to WordPress conversion. WordPress enables users all the over the world to browse your website, irrespective of the browser used. Mixing this dynamic technology with the awesome designs can prove wonders to your website aesthetics as well as performance.

Enhances SEO and SMM strategies
Google and other search engines love WordPress sites as they are highly search engine optimized. While the basic intention of creating a website is to promote your business in an effective manner, it is important to create a search engine friendly website to receive more traffic. Website traffic is the most crucial factor in deciding the success of any online business. A PSD to WordPress conversion enables you to optimize your website in the most effective manner while maintaining the awesome design and feel. This in turn increases the site rankings and brings in more traffic and sales. In addition, integrating your social media marketing campaigns within WordPress environment is simple and effective. Click of a button shares your content with the whole world. Today, social media marketing is ruling the advertising segment and it is very important to use social media at an optimized level to outrank your competition. A PSD to WordPress conversion offers you with this splendid advantage.

Performance monitoring made easy
Another important benefit of a PSD to WordPress conversion is the ease with which end users can operate the site. Managing a WordPress website does not require any technical knowledge. Even a novice user can easily upload and edit content with ease. In addition, anyone can easily analyze the traffic trends of the website. With multiple plugins available, anyone can check the total traffic received, traffic trends, traffic referrals and other important stats. With a static PSD website, you need to install several applications to monitor the performance of the website. However a simple PSD to WordPress conversions takes care of all these issues.

With such amazing benefits offered by a PSD to WordPress conversion, there is little doubt why small and medium businesses should not transit from a PSD static website to a dynamic WordPress website. However, a PSD-to-wordpress conversion requires expertise and it is recommended to hire the services of a professional conversion company.

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