How to Write an Effective Newsletter

It’s true that writing a newsletter is an effective way to keep in touch with customers– but there’s also the issue of whether they will read it or not. In the digital age, sending newsletters to a myriad of people doesn’t even require one to break a sweat, subsequently filling everybody’s inboxes with marketing blurbs decked with various designs converted from PSD to newsletter templates. Majority of these newsletters don’t even fall within most of the readers’ periphery of interest so they end up in the digital waste bin. To avoid getting ditched in this crowded and competitive industry, here are some basic rules to follow:

Identify Your Audience
Before you scribble the first words of your newsletter, ask yourself, “To whom am I writing this for?” If it’s a business newsletter, the addressees are likely customer and potential clients. You should remember that internal readers (customers) have interests different from external readers (potential customers/non-customers) so you might want to compose two separate newsletters, each serving the interest of their respective readership. Should you deem it fit, you can even convert them separate PSD to newsletter templates. Internal clients would want to hear about the company’s successes, opportunities and developments. Potential clients, meanwhile, are in the stage where they are gauging the benefits of your products and services. Your newsletter should be able to give the right amount of push for them to seal the deal.

Engage Readers
Once a newsletter is already in one’s inbox, it will either be read or trashed.  To avoid the latter, find out the interests of your readers by putting yourself in their shoe. What do I want to know? What do I want to read about? Will this topic hold my attention for a considerable amount of time? Does this blurb make me want to avail my products and services? These are crucial in writing an effective newsletter. You have to give your readers information that will be useful to them. Be informative. A nicely converted PSD to newsletter templatewill also help you win over readers.

Be Clear and Direct
No one would want to read something that requires them to look up the dictionary every five seconds. As much as possible, avoid using jargons. However, if the situation calls for it, be sure to explain the technical terms that you’re going to write therein. It’s also important to take note that formal writing style can be very boring and unhealthy in writing an effective newsletter. Avoid talking passively and harbor strong, simple verbs instead. Use actual figures whenever possible such as “viewership increased by 50 percent,” instead of “viewership saw a dramatic increase.”

Captivate target Audience with a good design
A carefully thought title on a nicely laid out and designed template is the key to writing an effective newsletter. Eliminate unnecessary details, fragment the points with bullets and if it helps, complement it with charts and info graphics. Every good newsletter templatestarts with an excellent and unique design and then gets converted from PSD to HTML. These HTML files are carefully hand coded and optimized for email marketing and are known as newsletter templates. Effective newsletters make every part and addition count.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread
Regardless of how edifying and illuminating your newsletter is, it will sound a lot less believable if you can’t even handle typographic and grammar error. Do a two-person proofreading if you can. Let the other person read it aloud while the other follows with his eyes. This way, it will be easier to point out sections that need alteration. Effective newsletters are steer clear of typos and contain beautiful conversion of files from PSD to newsletter templates.

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