Advantages of HTML to WordPress

With changes in technology, WordPress has gone beyond blogging and is hitting into web designing. Html to WordPress is the process of converting the html files to wordpress. A psd, ai or layered png or even jpeg design is converted to w3c html and is further integrated to wordpress theme. Many of the clients prefer a websites which can be easily maintained and can be updated from anywhere anytime. WordPress technology addresses this issue and offers a user friendly and cost effective solution. Hence many of them prefer html to wordpress site rather than a traditional static html site. We are inspired to write this post as recently we converted a static html to wordpress ( which bought many wonders to client business. We are citing out few advantages of html to wordpress.

1) Customization: The main advantage of converting static html pages to wordpress is that it helps you in customizing your web pages in effective and efficient manner. WordPress offers many free themes and plugins which will help in developing an effective web page. These themes and plugins can be modified or edited to meet the demands of clients. In the above mentioned website, we created customized plugins for developing new function like “Request for Appointment”. WordPress also helped them in updating the articles of pet care on a regular basis of their own.

2) Search Engine Friendly: WordPress engine has inbuilt seo features which makes the website out of box seo friendly. WordPress helps in adding tags to the existing pages and post. WordPress optimizes the web pages and through these tags make the web pages land in leading search engines, which means more likely the people will find you.

3) User Friendly: WordPress engine is very easy to use. Its user friendly features even help a non technical person to update the site of their own. Many of the clients are not that technical; they put this feature on their main criteria list when it comes to which technology to use for developing their website. This also saves money as clients need not come back to their developer for changing small things to their website. As many of the wordpress themes come free of cost, so this also makes it more preferable to clients.

4) Social Media Integration: Social Media has played a pivotal role in getting website connected to its end users. WordPress also helps in Social media integration as they are compatible to all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We also integrated Social media sites like Facebook and twitter to the website mentioned above.

In addition to social media, using wordpress as the base for building websites will also help in integrating other elements like newsletter, eCommerce and online payments to your websites easily.

Hence html to wordpress offers many features which can give you an effective website in much less time as compared to traditional static html sites. The example site mentioned above has all the advantages and has increased its online traffic. We have the expertise in html to wordpress conversion and can give you a wonderful website like the one mentioned above. Contact us for availing our conversion services and know more about ongoing discounts.

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