Need of HTML Code Validation

Today there are varieties of browsers including mobile browsers that may be used for browsing websites. In present scenario, the web developers ensure cross browser compatibility to ensure that websites are compatible in all leading browsers. The first step to ensure that website is visible in multiple browsers is to write good html. Many people prefer viewing websites in their mobile phones. Any errors in html or css markup would render the website incompatible to view on mobile phones. It is another important reason to validate your markups.
What exactly is html validation? It is the process of checking the syntax of your html code to find place where you had violated the rules of markup language. Those rules include strict definitions stating which HTML tags are legitimate parts of the language, and how you should structure your HTML documents. The html validation helps in identifying the errors in writing the markups. These errors at worst can keep sections of web pages from displaying. It can also affect your search engine rankings. Clean and well written html markups will ensure good search engine rankings. Ultimately validation is simply a tool to help you code better. We are citing few benefits of validating html markups.

• Good Visibility: If you want your website to be listed in search engines, then better validate the html markups. Many search engines does not index any website which has html errors. This can also reduce the traffic to your websites. Clean and validated html markups ensure good visibility of your websites in search engines.
• Identification of errors: Validation tools are best to identify the errors in coding. The validation tools not only helps in identifying the errors but also help in correcting the errors to make the markups complaint to W3C standards. This also works as a learning tool as it will help in better coding next time.
• Future Proofing: Although valid codes is not future proof but it is likely that valid codes get affected by future technologies. There is high probability that valid html codes will ensure that websites will work with future technologies. As most browsers work towards W3C standard compliance, valid codes conforming to W3C standards will only benefit in future.
• Faster Loading: A valid and proper html markups ensure faster loading, render on more browsers in comparison to non validated codes. The valid codes will have better adaptability towards alternative browsing devices like mobile phones and other hand held devices. If the websites are not properly written, it is most likely that websites will not be displaying correctly on such devices.
• Best Practices: Writing validated codes is the best practice in writing markups. It is always better to write a correct code rather than writing wrong codes and writing again to make it correct. For website builders, writing valid codes will make them more disciplined and resulting website will be better structured. Hence writing validated codes is the best practice in building an effective website.
• Easier Maintenance: Many times the website builders may not maintain the website in future. If the html markups are properly validated, then any developer in future maintaining the site finds it easier to maintain the sites rather than site which are not validated.
Though these are few benefits which we had listed but it is always better to have the markups validated. Validations not only show errors but also give warnings which will help you to code better in future. From a web developer perspective, validating codes is good idea as it helps them to code better, debug pages which aren’t working, help their fellow developers in maintaining the sites in future and ensure the websites works across browsers. If you have any websites which are not validated and not conformed to latest web standards, we can help you by fix markups and ensure that your website is conformed to latest W3C standards.

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