Is XHTML Better than HTML?

Xhtml and html are both mark up languages which is used to code the designs. The important question is what to choose among the two. We in this blog had cited few benefits of xhtml and html which will help you in selecting the right choice. Xhtml stands for extensible hyper text markup language whereas html stands for hyper text markup language. Both are considered to be two sides of same coin but carries significant difference between them. The concept of html was developed by Tim Berner Lee in 1987 whereas xhtml was developed by World Wide Web consortium (W3C). Xhtml is derivative product of html conforming to xml standards. Html is based on standardized generalized markup language and xhtml is based on xml (extensible markup language). Html is considered to be lenient whereas xhtml is stricter than former. Xhtml is extended version of Html and does not allows any omissions of any tags or attribute minimization. Html docs have three components i.e. start tag, end tag and element attributes given within tags. Xhtml docs have only one root element and all elements must be in lower case and values assigned must be surrounded by quotation marks and closed. With respect to semantic coding, all elements of html are not properly closed whereas in xhtml all elements are properly closed. Tag closing is compulsory in xhtml but in html you may ignore this concept. Xhtml considers it as error and does not validate the code. Hence by using xhtml, we make sure that all tags are closed not open like html.

The important question lies in front of every web developer is which is the best (xhtml or html). Xhtml scores high over html and is considered to be superior to later as it address few drawback of html. The strictness of xhtml had shown the way for clean and clutters free coding which is the prerequisite of effective web page. As we are witnessing sophisticated browser technologies and designs, simplistic approach of html will not cater to changing needs. The structured approach of xhtml will meet the sophisticated needs of browser and designs. As xhtml coding has internal check points of w3c validation, it will also fare well in seo terms in comparison to traditional html coding. Xhtml coding will help in bringing relevant traffic and will keep the site up to date. It’s true that xhtml had paved a new way of thinking when it comes to putting well structure and presentational code. We are seeing many web designers and business houses opting for migration from html to xhtml. Our take on this is xhtml is better in comparison to html due to its strict coding standards and conformity to w3c validation. We recommend conversion of psd to xhtml conversion for effective web page. If you have web page with traditional HTML coding and is facing issues due to changing technology, we can give you clean designs and code the designs to W3C valid xhtml. For all your conversions of psd to xhtml, contact us for quality works in quick turnaround time.

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